San Diego Book Binding

Custom Bookbinding, Binding and Rebinding old Books, Bibles, Periodicals, Loose notes, etc.
Hot Foil Stamping.

At San Diego Bookbinding we can custom bind your Bibles and Books, in genuine Leather. We bind logbooks, notes, periodicals, magazines or papers into volumes with either hard or soft covers. All the Leather we use is genuine cow hide. The colors change depending on our supply. We then finish your project by Gold stamping the Bible with customized text.

Hot Foil Stamping, Gold/Silver stamping, de-bossing, embossing or blind stamping available. 
Can stamp on;
Ribbons, Book markers, books, Bibles, Paper, Leather, Wallets, Portfolio's and more.
Would need to be able to lay the area that is stamped FLAT.
Can customize your project. Can Foil stamp, 1 or 1000.

For your other personal, Family, Children's, Comic or Cookbooks, or any other books you like to preserve  for later generations, we can bind them together in a hardbound volume. The individual books will be sewn together and then finished with a cover of Buckram Library material which is very durable, strong, and water resistant (or genuine Leather if you prefer). There are 10 colors to chose from in the Library Buckram material.

We combine magazines, journals, loose notes etc and combine them into a hard bound volume.

Please call us for more information.

(619) 992-7187

Or e-mail us and we will respond promply to your request.

Ps. Looking for used/ old bookbinding, letterpress or any tools, supplies, materials, machines etc. you like to part with. 
Please dont throw them away, will pay cash for your old tools. No matter what condition they are in.
Please call me.


-Genuine Leather Cow Hides

-Library Buckram 10 Colors

-Hot Gold/Silver Foil Stamping, Embossing.

-Rebinding of Old Bibles and 

-Binding of Thesis and 
 Dissertations Available

-Binding together of your favorite

-We bind one Bible/Book at a
  time. Just for you!

-Combining magazines, loose notes into a hard  

  bound  volume

Please call us

(619) 992-7187

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